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Communicate Better

You spend a lot on your benefits, so it’s important employees understand and appreciate the value of what you offer.  Tailoring your communication to meet the needs of a multi-generational workforce is the first step toward engaging your employees. 

Employee survey data shows employers who provide robust benefits programs, but communicate their plans poorly to employees, are perceived as having a benefits package which is less than average.  

In contrast, those employers who had thrifty benefit programs, but engaged their employees with eye-catching, clear communication, are perceived as offering benefits which are above average!

It begins with an appealing message, communicated in the way your employees will hear it best (text, webinar, online, paper or phone) to ensure they understand the value of their benefits, how to use them in the most effective way, and their responsibility for engaging with their benefits to maximize good health.

Your employees don’t participate if they aren’t aware of — or don’t understand — their benefits.

That makes your communication approach a critically important part.  Let’s design a better communication plan not only during open enrollment, but all year round. 

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